Services I offer – combining the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, nutrition & massage

Services - Colon hydrotherapy, Colonic hydrotherapy, colon irrigation

Colonic hydrotherapy

Cleansing and rehabilitating the bowel is of primary importance in treating many health problems. People have reported dramatic relief from symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating, Candida and indigestion.
Services - Food intolerance

Food intolerance

The food intolerance test takes about 45 minutes and analyses 60 different foods. The test counts anti-body reactions in the blood. These tests have been developed by Cambridge Nutritional Science.
Services - Detox, cleanse & weightloss

Detox, cleanse & weightloss

My aim is to help raise awareness of how fueling your body with a balanced diet can keep you full of vitality, health and vibrancy, to help prevent the development of many health problems and also to improve existing conditions.
Services - Nutrition


Nutrition therapy is working with each individual on their diet and life style to overcome and aid any health issue they may have.