Nutrition - helping you achieve a healthier you...

What is nutrition therapy?

Nutrition therapy is working with each individual on their diet and life style to overcome and aid any health issue they may have.

It helps to clear up any misconceptions you may have on what you perceive as healthy.  The first meeting we will go through an extensive consultation to establish your current eating plan and goals. We look at your five body systems: circulatory, lymph, endocrine, nervous and muscular system to establish where we need to work nutritionally to bring you into balance.

You can have the option to work with your therapist using a weekly food diary that you keep and write down everything you eat and drink and at what times throughout the day.It will be  analyse at the end of every week to see what subtle changes can be made to establish and maintain healthy eating patterns. Through working on your eating patterns and balancing your diet you can increase your energy levels, balance your sugar levels to avoid cravings and binge eating. You have the choice to work weekly but if you feel you can go longer periods to establishing new eating patterns and to feel the benefits of the changes you are making we work with you to your time scale. We work like this until you have reached your goal.

We don’t give a  weekly diet to stick too because as we all know this can be unrealistic! We will mostly be looking at foods you can add in rather that omitting all your  favourite foods. I will give you lots of suggestions for breakfast lunch and dinner and healthy snacks working individually with each client on their specific needs.

We all get caught up in our busy lives and lose focus on the basics of what we need to do to feel great. Most of them are free and on hand to us, moving our bodies, sleeping well, deep breathing to oxygenate our brains, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and to focus on all the positives in our lives.

When our bodies are fueled with good nutrition and running to their optimum you’ll feel great.  Most of us know what we need to do but just need a bit of guidance and motivation, and that’s where I come in!

The Benefits

♦ Increase energy levels

♦ Balance sugar levels

♦ Improve digestive health

♦ Awareness of healthy eating

♦ Reduce headaches

♦ Aides weight loss

Food intolerance & Nutrition

Food intolerance and nutrition consultation £110



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