Testimonials from satisfied customers

Here are some of the feedback I have collected over the years.

Review - Deborah

“After suffering from IBS, bloating, excess gas, cramping … I finally thought I would try a colonic cleanse. Mandy was recommended to me by a friend.

I was very nervous. Mandy explained how I would feel during the procedure. I felt really comfortable with her. There was no pain, it was actually very comfortable.

Afterwards I felt like a different person. I was energised and felt so happy ! It’s made such a difference. A colonic cleanse is something that I will factor into my life going forward every 8 weeks.

I would thoroughly recommend this fabulous treatment by Mandy if you indeed suffer as I do.”

Review - Alison in Bexley

“Having reached a point in my life where I really wanted to make some positive lifestyle changes and to get out of the rutt of always feeling tired (and a little overweight!), I approached Mandy for a consultation. I have not only seen the benefits from my time with Mandy, but she always made me feel comfortable and the whole experience has been wonderful. I would highly recommend Mandy. She is an extremely knowledgeable and professional therapist.”

Review - Juliet

“I was on a juice detox as I felt that my system needed a reboot after a period of poor diet, experiencing constant sugar cravings, bloating and constipation. I had read about how having a colonic during a detox or fast really helps speed up the detoxification process and prevents everything from being reabsorbed back into your body. I was a little unsure of the procudure to start off with but Mandy was brilliant at explaining everything to me and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I did not experience any discomfot and felt that the treatment really helped clean out my system. I felt lighter and less bloated immediately!”

Review - Stephanie London

“I visited Mandy for a colon hydrotherapy session. I’d never had one before but I’d recently turned vegan and was experiencing a lot of bloating and tummy discomfort. Someone had recommended Mandy to me. I didn’t know what to expect but she was excellent at explaining everything before the session. I was very pleased with the results. I felt leaner, slimmer and lighter. I would definitely recommend Mandy. She is also a nutrition therapist so really knows the benefits of this type of treatment. I was very pleased with all the information I received and I even enrolled onto a holistic nutrition course to learn more. I will be visiting Mandy again before my fitness competition and more in the future.”

Review - Katie Byrne

“I contacted Mandy after years of wanting to try a colonic but being nervous and apprehensive incase the treatment was embarrassing, but it wasn’t at all. I’ve had a bad few months diet and exercise wise and needed a kick start to help my weight loss for spring and was feeling bloated. The treatment was painless, not embarrassing with no smells or nasties! Im going back for another in a week and feel really pleased I’ve done it, given my body this cleanse. I’m eating cleaner as don’t want to put rubbish into my clean system, so a very pleased client.”

Thanks Mandy!

Review - Paul

“I had long wondered if colonic hydrotherapy might help my ongoing digestion and stomach pain issues. I have suffered for years with bloating, constipation, irregular movements and discomfort.  Finally my desire to sort myself out overcame my nervousness about the procedure. I shouldn’t have worried – Mandy put me completely at ease and we had a long chat before the procedure about my symptoms, lifestyle, diet and what I wanted to get out of the process. By the time we began the hydrotherapy itself I felt completely at ease and relaxed, and much more aware of what was going to happen, how it could help and how I could adapt my diet and supplements for maximum benefit. The hydrotherapy process was nowhere near as uncomfortable as I anticipated and it was a huge relief to have proactively taken the first steps towards tummy health. Mandy is calm, kid and extremely knowledgeable. By the time of my second booked session 6 weeks later, and having followed the nutrition plan Mandy recommended and taken the daily supplements she felt would suit my condition, I had lost 10lbs and was finally going to the toilet every day with no strain or pain. My energy levels were increased and I felt so much better. I would thoroughly recommend Mandy to anyone with IBS, coeliacs or other unidentified digestion issues.” 

Review- Jacquie

“I recently had my first colonic hydrotherapy with Mandy. I’d been feeling out of sorts and my gut didn’t feel right. Mandy put me at ease straight away. She was friendly and professional and spent a long time talking to me and asking me questions in order to find out what was happening that made me feel unbalanced. Mandy then explained the procedure step by step so there were no surprises and I knew what to expect. I felt calm and comfortable throughout the procedure and afterwards felt light and relaxed. I would definitely have this treatment again and would highly recommend Mandy.”

Review- Emma

“I had been struggling with irregular bowl movements for over two years, and had days of feeling bloated and lack of energy. Having a course of colonics was the best thing I ever did. Mandy was great at putting me at ease, I left my first session feeling great. I took the diet advise Mandy had given me and after the second session I was having regular bowl movements! I highly recommend this treatment.”

Review - John Kingston

“I originally tried colonic therapy prior to Marathons, with great success. I felt energised and lighter all good contributing factors for a better race time! From my initial visits I now have the treatment quarterly. For those thinking of this treatment but a little unsure or embarrassed I would say “Dont be”. Mandy combines utter professionalism, with a matter of fact, knowledgeable and personable manner. Whether you are thinking of this for the first time or experienced it before, I would recommend Mandy without hesitation.”

Review - Kirstie

“I have thought about having colon hydrotherapy for a long time but had never quite been able to build up the courage for something which, after all, is not the easiest process to think about going through. When I picked up a nasty stomach infection I decided that this was the time to finally book a treatment – I had also noticed that a local business was now offering this service – so I made an appointment and headed down with some dread and fear to get myself cleaned out! I could not have asked for a better therapist than Mandy for the whole process, she put me at ease from the very beginning. She recognised my fears and let me babble on while still being able to clearly explain everything to me. Mandy explained what was going on during the whole treatment and was more than ready to answer my questions. I came out feeling better in myself and not at all worried about any future treatments. Thank you for making the whole thing a relaxed and easy event.”

Review - Kerry Sales Higham Kent

“I have recently completed a course of colonic hydrotherapy with Mandy. I wanted to thoroughly detox as had given up alcohol and was embarking on a cleaner way of life. Mandy was recommended by a friend of mine and I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of this treatment.
Mandy puts you at ease with her warm professional manner explaining the whole procedure and taking thorough notes.
I feel amazing after the treatment my stomach is far less bloated, I feel lighter and healthier with less inclination toward unhealthy foods and my digestion is much quicker. An added bonus is a loss of 5lb! The treatment is painless and not embarrassing as Mandy puts you totally at ease, also her nutritional advice was very informative and useful. It is something that I will incorporate into my healthcare and have already booked my 3 month maintenance.”