Healthier, Slimmer, Happier You!

You’ll look & feel better & begin to experience more energy and lightness in just 9 days!

Effective easy to follow cleanse program.

Start your journey to a Healthier, Slimmer, Happier You!
You’ll look better, feel better and begin to feel lighter and more energised in just 9 days.

What to expect on your cleanse

The day before you start the program its advisable to have a colonic. Its not compulsory but enhances the effectiveness of the program. Having a colonic to start the cleanse program allows you to help clear and hydrate the colon to start the process of toxins leaving the body.
The day you finish the cleanse its advisable to have another colonic encouraging the body to cleanse and detoxify promoting regular health bowel movements.
Days 1 and 2

Days 1 and 2

These two days are designed to reset your body and your mind. During this time you will begin to purge toxins from your body.
The supplements are designed to promote feelings of fullness and help stave of hunger . They support a healthy weight and help support metabolism.
30 minutes of low to moderate exercise both days.
Day one and two are the toughest !

Days 3 through 9

30 minutes of calorie burning aerobic exercise.
Continuing taking the supplements with the minerals and vitamins your body needs and delicious dinners consisting of high protein / low carb food to accelerate your metabolism. Your provided with lots of recipes so you don’t have to think, its all there for you.
Your hunger should start to subside and positive feelings arrive as you start to see changes in your body, such as a flatter stomach and a great feeling of well-being.

Your weight may fluctuate from day to day only weigh yourself on days 1,3,6 & 9.

Guaranteed 9 day weight or inch loss or your money back.

If you have not lost any weight or inches we will refund your money .

How much weight will I loss?

This depends on how well you stick to the plan and how much weight you have to lose.

How much will it cost?

£130 , You provide your own food and milk we provide everything else you need.

Terms & conditions

♦ If when measured and weighed you haven’t lost weight or inches we will refund the pack price of £130.
You must provide original receipt, the original box plus all the contents including empty bottles and any unused products. Keep everything until your second weigh in. ♦

 Detox, cleanse & weight loss

9 day cleanse program £130
9 day cleanse package, which includes: £300
9 day cleanse program plus
2 x colon hydrotherapy treatments
9 day cleanse program plus £200
1x colon hydrotherapy treatment


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