Bloated? Windy? Constipated? I can Help

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Also know as colonic irrigation, colonic, colon hydrotherapy or colonic therapy, it is a safe and effective method of cleaning the colon.

The treatment dates back almost a thousand years to the ancient Egyptians. In the nineties it became a favourable treatment again and today many people use colon hydrotherapy to aid detox and control digestive problems and reach optimum health.

If you’ve had a colon hydrotherapy treatment before, you will already know about the immense relief and benefits it can bring if you’ve been plagued with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Bloating, Abdominal Pain or Stomach Ache, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Heartburn and a host of other digestive problems.

The safe gentle, yet profoundly effective therapy of colon hydrotherapy has proven, over the years, to treat successfully, many of the above symptoms. Check out the colonic testimonials on my site to see how much it has helped my clients.

The Treatment

The treatment consists of warm purified water being gently introduced to the colon by a disposable speculum via the rectum, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness. The procedure does not cause any discomfort. It is odourless as a closed system is used. The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes during which a massage takes place encouraging the movement of waste material. Your modesty is preserved at all times.

The Clinic is purpose built with an en-suite toilet. We use a closed system which makes it completely odourless. The equipment used is disposable ensuring you of the highest standards of cleanliness . We maintain professionalism and integrity through out all treatments.



Colonics and Weight Loss

Most people find their abdomen reduces by  inches after a colonic owing to the removal of waste and trapped gas, which can really help with motivation for your diet.

There are huge benefits from getting bowel bacteria known as gut flora or good bacteria back into balance. It helps with the reduction in bloating, as we know bloating always makes people feel fat and uncomfortable.

Conditions Aided by Colon Hydrotherapy

♦ Constipation
♦ Bloating
♦ IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
♦ Weight gain
♦ Skin problems
♦ System detox
♦ Diarrhoea

The Benefits

♦ Relief from bloating and gas

♦ Clearing the colon of hard waste material and toxins

♦ Promotes regular bowel movements

♦ Hydrates the bowel

♦ Improves gut flora aiding digestion

♦ Stimulates immune system

♦ Increases energy levels

♦ Promotes healthy glowing skin

 Health Questionnaire

Please download the Health questionnaire here for your first colonic appointment.


 Colonic Hydrotherapy Guidelines

Please download the Colonic Hydrotherapy guidelines here before your first colonic appointment.


 Lemon cleanse/detox

Please download the Lemon cleanse/detox  here before your first colonic appointment.


Colon Hydrotherapy

Health consultation and treatment £90
Course of 3 treatments (within 3 months) £240


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Frequently Asked Questions There are some excellent FAQs on the RICTAT website here that you might like to have a read of.

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